Wednesday, March 23, 2011


If change is so good, then why are we always resisting change?

I guess that's my thought of the day for you readers.  We spend so much time in our lives trying to get accustomed to the different things going on in our day to day lives that when finally things start to feel comfortable, life seems to want it to change.  Maybe it's a new baby, a new relationship, new job, loss of job; maybe it's something happy, something sad, or something completely unexpected.  Whatever it is, it's change. And change can be scary if we don't have the courage in ourselves to accept and face it.

So what do we do when faced with the adversity of change? How do we overcome our fears of the unknown in order to create something new? I think it starts with passion, persistence, and courage.  The passion to want something new, the persistence to organize it, and the courage to do it, even if there is a risk. 

Get rid of the negativity of 'I can'ts' and 'I shouldn't' and the "I've been doing this so long" or "This is who I am".  Find your passions, find what makes you happier than you have ever been, and just do it.

When change happens, embrace it. Make it work for you.  You might surprise yourself with what you will accomplish.

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  1. Hey girl, found you (and your blog) through Twitter....saw who you were since I follow Wake Up! Thought I'd check out your blog since I'm a fellow blogger and can appreciate hard work of the written word. For me, change is something that makes me so's the fear of the unknown that scares people. However, atleast half the time after we make that leap, it turns out great. Change is all about making decisions; which is also hard for me since I'm indecisive as can be.