Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just fine

It's days like today that I appreciate the sunshine, the peace, the fall wind on my face. Because on days like today, I look to my side and there you are, making me smile.  We may not agree all the time and we fight, but we have each other and that's just fine. We trust each other and we trust in the magic of us, because that magic is something so beautiful that it's a shame not everyone in the world gets to experience it.

The beauty of this life is finding someone to share it with. Finding someone who makes you laugh, challenges you, and respects you; someone who believes in you when you forget to believe in yourself and someone who you find irresistible.  Life is going to push you, beat you, and really mess you up sometimes, but if you have someone to face each new day with, it makes the biggest challenges manageable.

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