Friday, October 15, 2010

The Mix Tape

Ever wonder how a simple mix tape can really turn simple songs that separately don't belong, but together, they become a story?  And even though they're really not called Mixed Tapes anymore because now we have iPods, iPads, and the like, we still consider them mixed tapes.

I used to make one every month, sometimes twice a month depending on the events that unfolded before me.  Making different playlists for boyfriends was always my specialty.  Each man in my life had a playlist, he had those songs that instantly gave you butterflies whenever one of the songs came on.  And then, when that man left you life, there was a consequential breakup mix that came along with him.  I still think of certain guys whenever I hear one of those breakup songs.

There were mixed tapes for going out, some for when you stayed in, rainy day mixes, and mixes for cleaning, or cooking.  You could really make a mixed tape for just about any event that you came across and then re-use them over again. 

Listening to those songs, told a story. A story of a certain part of our lives.  A part of our lives we can re-visit anytime we want, just by pressing play.  The lyrics, the music, everything about the list brings out such vivid details, it amazes me how powerful music really is. And that's beautiful.

"Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen

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