Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rock and a hardplace

When you're trying to make a huge decision in your life, who do you talk to about it? Do you feel more confused sometimes when you walk away from the conversation?  I guess that's how I feel right now.  I'm in a place where I thought I could make a decision in my life, and now I'm just as confused as I was months ago.

Am I kidding myself to think that this decision will be a good move for my future? Or am I pretending that what was said was just fear and words and not necessarily the truth..

Will I be sacrificing too much in hopes that this will have a happy ending? What exactly would be worth the sacrifice and how do I ask without putting anyone in a bad position?

There are so many questions that I want to ask and need to know the answers to, but I just don't know if they are worth asking..

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