Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soul Music

"There's no point in dreams unless you chase them"
-Austin Renfroe

Isn't it amazing ho a song can totally change your mood; just lifting you up from a dark place, a frustrated place, a place where nothing makes sense, and then a lyric comes along and brings you clarity.  I had that moment this morning at about 6 am. There is so much truth in the above lyric that when I heard it, I just smiled to myself because it really helped all the crazy thought I had in my mind organize themselves and let me know what it is that I need to do..

Dreams.. we all have them, but I think that so many of us fall short of our dreams because we're too afraid to watch ourselves fall flat on our faces and then have to get up and start over.  What I have realized though is that falling flat on your face can sometimes be the best thing to start that surge and really get you going to go after what you truly want.  What do you think keeps your from going after your dreams? 

A friend told me recently that we spend so much time pushing things off to the last minute that so many people never actually get anywhere in their lives because of it.. We all know the phrase "time is money", but isn't time lost also life lost? I hate to sound cliche but if we made sure there was a purpose to each day, maybe we would all feel a little more complete and a little more "happy of ourselves".  This isn't really a hard task to do if you think about it- if you want that raise this year, just kick ass a little bit each day.. If you're looking to take the next step in your relationship, what are you waiting for.. we're not getting any younger.. take a step- even if it's a small one.

Our pasts shape who us into who we are in the present and can further influence who we become in the future. If you want to be a happy person in your relationship nobody's going to be able to do that but yourself. Falling hurts, yes, but if we just make sure we're not diving in too soon I think we'll find that our dreams are just within our reach.


  1. This reminds me of a quote that I have above my desk that reads "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." We all fall down, we all make mistakes, we will get hurt. No one lives in a bubble, but if we can learn and pick ourselves up, that is when we realize the risk, and chance was all worth it.

  2. Amazing quote. Thanks for posting.

  3. You are welcome. I look forward to reading more from you!