Friday, November 26, 2010


Who are you? What do you want from this life? Are you looking to be successful? Have lots of money? Get married? What are your goals, values, priorities? Is it something simple like being happy?

Have you done something to achieve those goals or are you just waiting for them to happen to you? Things don't just happen, not matter what you think.  There was always something that prepared you for the next step, even if it does look like you just got "lucky".  Maybe you decided to just show up and you met the girl or boy of your dreams.  Maybe a lot of bad things happened so you could appreciate the good things you have now.  Maybe you worked your butt off now so that in the future you won't have to work so hard later.
Sounds like a lot of maybe's doesn't it?

But that's life isn't it.  If we don't take the first step, there will never be a second.  We'll never fail nor will we ever succeed. Sometimes we just have to put ourselves out there and pray that we don't fail but understand that through failure comes knowledge and wisdom and the power to fight through it and succeed.

Maybe the first step is loving yourself.  If that's your first step, why not start right now? Why not close your eyes, take a deep breath and let it all go; the pain, the fear, and whatever else is holding you back.
If you're thinking to yourself "easier said than done", it's not. You just have to actually do it.

Did you try? Feels good doesn't it? The first breath of what will soon become your next step into who you are; who are you meant to be.

All it takes is one breath, one step, one leap of faith in yourself.

"Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do"

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