Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Say what you need to say

Really, say what you're gonna say. Don't hold back, because honestly, it just screws you over in the end.  Think about it, you're upset with a friend and you tell everyone around you that you're upset with said friend except her.  What does that do for you? Just leaves you pissed off and leaves your friend unaware there's an issue.  Or even worse, your friend finds out that you've been talking about her to everyone else and then gets mad at you for not confronting her in the first place. You're f'ed.

Have someone that you really care about but you're too shy to say it because it's "not the right time" or because you're scared. Maybe he or she will reject you, maybe they'll think you are coming on too strong. Or maybe, something might happen to him or her, or even to you and you never told them how you felt. Or maybe they got sick and tired of waiting for you to grow a pair and speak up so they leave.

We need to take control of ourselves and come clean.  Face your issues because when you leave them in the dark, that's where they stay -in the dark and who knows what else might be back there to come out and bite you in the ass later on.  It's never going to be the right time, and we might make mistakes in the process, but that's just life. Our mistakes, our triumphs- make us who we are each day. They make us stronger and build our character.

And wouldn't it be nice to say to yourself at the end of the day- At least I was honest.

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