Monday, November 15, 2010

A Journey

Do you appreciate the journey or are you always looking at the finish line?
Now sure, to have an idea on where you are going is great, but sometimes, with all the distractions going on around us, it might be hard to stop, step back, and enjoy the road we're on; to admire the trees, the flowers, and the person we are on this journey with.

When you admire the journey and really, truly appreciate it, we have a better understanding of life and of ourselves.  And then when shit hits the fan, we're able to jump back in the game because we know where we are.  Sometimes, we become so focused on the destination we can't see where we are going.  We go into autopilot, concentrating our focus too much on the fact that we're not there, or that we need to be there by a specific time or a specific date.  When we get lost, we're unable to find our way back because we didn't take the time to appreciate the road around us.

Stop doing it. Enjoy each bite, each kiss, each breath, because before you know it- you'll be at your destination and never know how you got there.

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